Look at this… πŸ‘€

Look at this… πŸ‘€ https://pin.it/5tzLoar

πŸ˜ΊπŸ’ƒ Good evening happy Sunday ,, have you missed me? I certainly have missed you. I had my one eye surgery I guess it went well I have to wear a patch I can’t bend I can’t pick up anything more than 6 lb , it’s impossible to take care of my homeless kitties out in the yard that come to eat and it’s impossible to even take care of my animals . I don’t like to feel this way I can’t wash my hair I can’t put on any makeup no perfume no deodorants I’m totally lost like this but we make out the best we CAN . there’s another eye surgery for the other eye in a couple of weeks I’m doing the drops in the eye four times a day now it’s two different bottles two different drops 15 minutes apart four times a day gigantic pain in the neck for my friend her name is Sharon also and she has to come here and help me with my animals inside and out take care of the birds . I’m doing the very best to lighten her load I found myself even bending which I SHOULD’VE done but I can’t leave everything on her . SHARON came over to weed whack around my house and it started pouring rain and the poor girl was out there with an electrical cord weed whacking in the rain ..That’s not good . MY friends I’m using the microphone if ITS kind of crazy I apologize nothing I can do about it . I can’t see what the heck I’m doing ,well it’s cataract surgery . I have STIGMATISMIN S. In both eyes . Dr. said it would take longer to heal , one eye got very very bad in two months while waiting for the surgery. The first surgeon was hopeless I didn’t like him he was about money . SECOND surgeon was very thorough very professional and not about money and very kind ,young he looked like he stepped out of 1950 he had many patients which is a good sign. when I was visiting his office I saw the same people that were in the hospital with me having the same procedures most of them much older than I and then I saw the same people the day after surgery when we had to go back ,there were many, that’s a good sign . I am having a hard time the patch is driving me crazy .I’m not able to do what I need to do for my animals and myself is bothering me a lot and I hate to count on another person but I’m grateful to God that she is there so my Dears ,off to bed tomorrow’s a new day . Monday, beginning of the week and here we go again …..big kiss πŸ‘„βš˜


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