Watch “rare footage of 1950s housewife in LSD experiment” on YouTube

Sorry ,, sorry but I find this a little scary I’ve never taken any drugs I have a hard time just taking a water pill and a blood pressure pill… I do feel sorry for this woman they’re making it look wonderful almost like a Heavenly experience and why do some people have their first trip and they throw themselves out of 6 story window why ??? it does something to your mind and if you keep on taking this and you don’t die do you become like one of those zombies out there that I see all the time in the neighborhoods they’re trying to make it look like a beautiful experience and I think that’s what brings the young people in .. evil creeps up into our mind ,,,,,try it ,…try it you may like it try it ,, you may not recover from it .😢💀💔

Watch “1962 Cigarette Ad Housewives” on YouTube for smoked in my life but I thought this was very interesting to see how women were baited years ago into doing something that many of them would cause lung cancer and other cancers later on Hollywood promoted smoking especially in women I made it look very very glamorous in those days and if you look up the actresses in those films you’ll find out many of them did die of these kind of cancers I can imagine maybe the cigarettes are made worse now than before I don’t know but I do have older people that I know in my life that say they’ve smoked since early teens and they’re okay I don’t know maybe it’s just in the jeans if you get hurt or not my grandmother on my father’s side his mother she came from Ireland and she live to be 97 years old and she smoked and she’s very beautiful she was a beauty queen but all of her children and her husband died before her all of her children six of them she outlived them all and five of those children died of lung cancer not my father he died at 50 but he had a blood clot in his leg that went to his heart in the hospital so that’s another story but I hope you enjoy this little clip