🍉🍒🍄🥕 Have a happy lunch in a happy mood maybe put a little soft music on maybe cut some flowers or buy some flowers put them on your table, I cut them from my yard in the garden it sets the mood a little music. ,my husband was a great musician played all the instruments so I love that quiet music when I’m eating because the food goes down better .. I’ve had the best food the most expensive steaks that money could buy but with a nervous stomach and being with somebody that’s very agitating and very spiteful the dinners became poison to my stomach. I’ve had the worst food in crappy places and the cheapest junk that tasted so good because the company was positive instead of negative no arguments at the table and so of course the food goes down better and you’re happy all day and your tummy feels good . I’ve learned never to eat in terrible situations. DO everything you can to enjoy your breakfast lunch dinner snack whatever ,, isn’t that the way our creator wanted it for us, yes definitely !!!!!


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